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Mindset Shifts Before Self-Care

It’s crucial to shift your headspace before you start your self care routine. Starting this shift can be as simple as engaging in meditation, but let me tell you why you shouldn’t forget this step!

Importance of Self-Care

While we may think we know the importance of self care, it’s an entirely different thing to put this knowledge into action. I can help you truly understand the importance of self care and put it into practice.

How To Avoid Big Mistakes In Your Self-Care Practice

Setbacks are avoidable! Let me help you learn how to avoid disaster before it strikes and continue on your journey without encountering common pitfalls.

What People Are Saying


Meriam I’m so blown away! It was so special and thank you so much for making it extra special and for really talking to us. You could see everyone's faces as you were talking. I just love you and appreciate you so much. And thank you for making this day extra special.

Magriet Potgieter

Founder, Director, CEO at Write and Shine PR and Media Coaching

Meriam brought a level of authenticity with real life experience. She allowed others to see her hurt, pain but most of all her strength and resilience. She also brought relatability so that others could see they are not alone.

Mikita Smith

Self-Care and Wellness Coach at Beautifully Unbalanced

Meriam was a pleasure to have as an expert on my mini summit "It's YOUR Time Now!" Her story about her own journey as a caregiver to burnout was incredible and heartwarming. Through this she discovered ways to better take care of herself while she was taking care of her husband and then her brother. She shared the techniques and tools she discovered and used herself to our audience reminding them why self-care is so important for caregivers and that asking for help is NOT a sign of weakness.

Teri Bach

Coach at Untapped Potential Coaching

Meriam inspired my audience, sharing her long caregiving journey with openness and honesty. She encourages all of us caregivers to "get out of burnout city" and "own our well-being." She shares practical self-care tips to help us prioritize ourselves (including setting boundaries and asking for help!), so we can show up with renewed energy and compassion. No dramatic action needed, it's all about baby steps!

Hélène Stelian

Midlife Empowerment Coach at Hélène T Stelian Coaching

Meriam was a recent guest on our international podcast Impacting Life 24/7! She is a kind and compassionate leader in the caregiving industry and has created a much needed roadmap to help other caregivers avoid burnout. Meriam gives practical and actionable tips that can be implemented immediately. Her passion is to ensure caregivers don’t get burned out while caring for their loved ones. She added a tremendous amount of value to our global listeners and we anticipate having Meriam back again to share more of her relevant caregiving strategies with our audience.

C.L. King

Founder, Director, CEO at Impacting Life 24/7 International Podcast

Meriam's wisdom on the importance of self-care, especially as a caregiver is a clear message for every human. She exemplifies courage in speaking up against the "norm" to believe we must sacrifice ourselves for the sake of others because we cannot be a force for good in this world if we're diminished from leaving ourselves behind.

Eva Vennari

Founder and CEO at The Elevate Institute

I Get You, I Got You.

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