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Ignite Your Journey: Get Inspired and Motivated to Excel in Both Your Personal and Business Life Now!

Unleash Your Full Potential

Transformative Coaching

We understand the challenges you face – the time constraints, the emotional demands, the relentless pursuit of excellence.

That's why we're here, offering you more than just coaching; we're offering you a transformative journey towards harmonizing your professional dreams and personal obligations.

Are you ready to take the leap towards harmonious success?

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Getting the outcomes you desire doesn't have to be confusing.

 If you are:


juggling business demands and other responsibilities, only to find yourself drowning in an overwhelming lack of time


difficulties with focusing on your business goals because of the constant demands of other responsibilities 


pressure of managing two demanding roles with the result strained relationships – be it with clients, partners, or family members


me-time to just breathe.. but the guilt of taking time for yourself, coupled with the sheer demands of responsibilities, leads to neglecting your physical and mental well-being.

Then book a Discovery call.

Let's dive deep into the intricate dance of business leadership and other responsibilities

Together, we'll uncover the untapped reserves of resilience within you and explore how to navigate the challenges while fostering growth. This is your opportunity to share your unique journey, aspirations, and obstacles.

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Our Clients Love What We Do

People such as yourself have tapped into their potential, and here's what unfolded:

Meriam has really taken time to coach me on avoiding burnout as a caregiver AND entrepreneur. Both of these roles are very time consuming, and burnout is so real. I am so glad I asked Meriam to help guide me and teach me how to find possibilities in the impossible! Set up a call with her TODAY! 

Ashley Jackson-Thompson


Balanced Brilliance Blueprint: 1-Month Mastery Program

The 1-Month Mastery Program is your comprehensive solution for business leaders balancing business and caregiving. Over 30 days, you'll master time management, elevate self-care, refine communication, and establish solid boundaries. As your coach and accountability partner, I'll guide your transformation towards harmonizing these essential roles.
This program lays the foundation for your long-term success, empowering you to thrive in both your business and personal journey.

It's a program for business leaders navigating the dual roles of business ownership and other responsibilities, seeking practical strategies for success in just one month.

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    Resilience and Growth 6-Month Program

    The 6-Month Resilience and Growth Program is designed for business leaders navigating the complex terrain of running a business while fulfilling personal roles. Through a comprehensive approach encompassing coaching, consulting, and skill development, you'll enhance business strategies, optimize time management, and bolster your well-being. Benefit from expert guidance, regular sessions, and adaptable strategies as we journey together towards business leadership success and work-life harmony.

    This program is designed to provide comprehensive support, strategic guidance, and skill development to help you excel in both areas and achieve work-life harmony.

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  • "Within the delicate balance of personal life and business leadership lies the art of nurturing both dreams and hearts, crafting a symphony of success and compassion."


    I understand the challenges you face – the struggle to regain control of your time, manage stress effectively, and establish that elusive work-life balance. It's the desire to excel in your business while honoring other responsibilities and personal well-being, all to achieve a fulfilling and harmonious life.


    With over two decades of personal caregiving experience, I've transformed my own pain into a profound purpose. Guiding business leaders to not only survive but thrive aligns perfectly with my core values.


    Through a blend of personalized coaching, practical strategies, and transformative guidance, I'm here to empower you. Together, we'll shatter limiting beliefs and unlock the full extent of your potential. My approach is grounded in comprehensive support, actionable methods, and a personalized journey tailored to your unique goals.

    About Meriam Boldewijn

    Here's what others say about Meriam

    Meriam is an amazing coach and caregiver with a tons of experience. When I interviewed her for the podcast Bald & Bold, she shared her powerful story and wisdom that she gained by being a caregiver for years. She is an incredible humble, grateful, thought-provoking and open-minded person and also really fun to talk to. Her bestselling book "Caregiver 2.0" is a must-read for everyone - not just for professional caregivers as we all have to take care of others in our life.

    Mike Fuhrmann

    Ready to Redefine Your Success Story?

    Don't let the complexities of business leadership and caregiving hold you back. Finding balance can be challenging, but with our comprehensive programs, you don't have to choose between your business and caregiving. We've designed a unique coaching and consulting programs tailored to your needs, allowing you to thrive in both roles.

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